BS Computer Science


Department of Computer System Engineering established in 2011 and offering four year Bachelors of Engineering Program in Computer System Engineering, accredited with Pakistan Engineering Council. Since its beginning, department has been focusing to pursue DUET vision and now announces the first admission in the four year degree program (evening) in Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (BSCS). Currently, the era has been observing is designated as BITs. Exponentially growth has been witnessing in data size, because of increasing user density in nearly all areas such as cellular and wireless networks, Mobile and Desktop Applications developments and the usage of electronic gadgets leads the computational world to another level, and unquestionably the challenges of this level are different. To meet the market and foresee the upcoming requirements a balanced workforce is required in computing field. The Program is structured as per the guidelines of the National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), a regulatory computing body of HEC, it also meets the requirement of educational, research and market trends. An understanding of the social, economic and safety considerations are stressed in the curriculum. Ph.D & foreign qualified and experienced faculty is the strength of the department.


The Computer Systems Engineering program of Dawood University is diverse and according to the needs of the modern trends. The program is accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council.


The vision of the Department is to be a pivotal element in the field of Computing by producing “research-oriented” graduates, who not only strengthen the country’s professional manpower but become an integral component of every industry.


The mission of the program provides quality, cutting edge education, exposing students to the developments in the field of computing and produces the qualified individuals who are capable of analysis, design & various applications of the Computer Systems. The mission of the program is to equip the graduates with managerial, technical and consultative capabilities. The Program also focuses on fabricating the creative sense of the students and promoting their professional ethics, conceptual & analytical skills. The Department focuses on providing state-of-art training to the students and emphasizes on the practical aspects of the subjects as well.

Program Objective

  • The program objective is to equip potential graduates with the fundamental knowledge and the technical skills in the relevant and the connected areas of the field.
  • To prepare graduates with a thorough background to work professionally in local and international environment.
  • Producing potential graduates to apply mathematical & engineering knowledge in designing to identify and solve engineering problems.
  • Graduates are capable to discharge the pertains to Computer Engineering.
  • To train individual that they able to progress through advanced degree in engineering and other professionally connected areas.