To provide students with quality engineering education by emphasizing fundamental understanding of physical, chemical and biological processes, engineering design and synthesis, leadership, ethics and interdisciplinary perspectives on technology; economic and social issues, to carry out basic and applied research and to provide services to the wider community.

Program Educational Objectives

  • To ensure that our graduates understand the basic principles of science and engineering to provide the foundation for the chemical engineering education and are able to creatively apply this knowledge base to the solution of complex problems that may arise in their carrier.
  • Produce graduates with a strong knowledge of the Chemical Engineering Core areas such as chemical process principles, transport processes, unit operations, reactor design, chemical process industries and instrumentation and control along with process simulation and computer applications that they become the productive part for the nation and global pool of chemical engineers.
  • Produce graduates with an ethical vision of life and the profession and raise the general level of engineering competence.
  • Produce graduates with enough bases that they may pursue further advance studies in traditional chemical engineering areas including fluid dynamics, transport phenomena, petroleum, petrochemicals, polymers, environmental, fuel and combustion and in the engineering part such as renewable energies and biochemical engineering.
  • Continuously improve the academic program in partnership with international bodies, universities, donor agencies, academia, alumni, government and industry
  • Foster a relationship between faculty and students that is collaborative, accessible and allows for personal mentoring.


The department of Chemical Engineering is the oldest department in the field of Chemical Engineering in Sindh, established in 1964. It has produced many outstanding graduates over the years. The department has a strong faculty well versed in their knowledge and teaching. Currently there are 15 faculty members and 3 lab engineers serving in the Chemical Engineering Department. The department consists of 6 PhD. which include the Dean of Faculty of Engineering, the director QEC and the director CPD. It also includes the top three researchers in Sindh who have the greatest amount of citations. The teaching faculty is quite diverse and dedicated as the department consists of foreign qualified faculty who are serving in the department. The appointed faculty has studied from Germany, Nederland, South Korea, Malaysia and China.

The department is well equipped with the adequate facilities and recently it started its post graduate program. A new air conditioned computer lab has recently been established which can accomodate up to 50 students. Each class room is equipped with its own multimedia system.

At present the Chemical Engineering department has excellent laboratory facilities such as Unit Operations, fluid flow, fuel testing, petroleum technology, petrochemical, biochemical, reaction engineering and instrument and control engineering. The facilities of the chemistry laboratories are also available for practical in chemical process technology, unit process and chemistry. Industrial training is part of the education program of the department and students are sent to various industries for practical training and visits every year. The department of chemical engineering offers four years degree program in the discipline of Chemical Engineering. The department ensures that the graduates are produced with an ethical vision of life and raise the general level of engineering competence. The department continuously aims and strives to improve the academic program in partnership with international bodies, universities, academia, alumni government and industry.