Energy & Environment Engineering is one of the nine departments in Dawood University of Engineering & Technology. The department was established in 2010. The objective of establishing this department was to prepare Energy and Environment Engineers to cope with ever-increasing issues of Energy and Environment. The department offers a 4 years bachelors programme in Energy and Environment Engineering. Courses encompass the full spectrum of Energy and Environment from conventional power generation to renewable and alternative energy technologies. The courses also cover the impact of energy generation on environment while continue to provide a sound understanding of Energy and Environment principles. At present, research and teaching activities are focused on renewable energy and energy conservation. The department has a strong and competent qualified team which assures to provide high standard academic and research services. The Department of Energy & Environment Engineering at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology is one of the fast growing departments.


The department vision is to continue achieving national and international recognition through the impact of its research and alumni in five core areas: Renewable Energy Production; Environmental Management System, Sustainable Development, Water and Air Quality and Green Design. Vision includes the department being a collegial, collaborative and welcoming environment as a centre of learning and serving.


Mission is to create, disseminate and integrate knowledge of engineering, science and technology that expands our Energy & Environment Engineering knowledge based, which in turn enables the betterment of human society.

To develop and transfer innovative applications of engineering, science and technology to improve energy related & environmental engineering practices.

To be recognized by our peers as a highly effective leader in the conduct of interdisciplinary research and the development of innovative approaches to solving energy related and environmental engineering related problems.

To attract and welcome undergraduate students to the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) program in Energy & Environment Engineering and to graduate students who are innovative problem solvers, who become leaders in their organizations, and who possess the knowledge and skills required for a wide range of careers.

To attract and welcome undergraduate students into advanced study and to graduate Master of Engineering (M.Engg) and Doctoral (Ph.D) students who possess both breadth and depth in their chosen focus area and are heavily recruited by industry and academia for their academic strengths and their leadership skills.

To maintain an intellectually challenging, yet supportive and welcoming environment, that encourages and enables our students, faculty and staff to achieve their best in a diverse community.